Assembly of motorhomes: GiottiLine uncovered

Good morning!

Today we bring you one of the most interesting curiosities for those of us who like this world, and that is the manufacture of a motorhome from scratch.

The Youtubers and owners of the dealership Autocaravanas Europeas together with the brand GiottiLine have opened their doors and uncovered their intimacies so that we can see how they manufacture and produce our recreational vehicles.

This Sunday, and for the next 3 days, Marisa and Fernando from Viajar en autocaravana show us the production chain of the motorhomes of the GiottiLine brand, one of the brands they offer in their dealership.

Thanks to them we can see the guts of these vehicles and with what order and care they assemble all the interior and exterior parts that will finally make up our motorhome.

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Capture taken from the GiottiLine factory video

It is curious to see how they install the gas pipes or the heating in a completely empty floor, or how the tube of the same heating goes up just next to the door towards the bed in the capuchina. We can also see how they mount the seat belt anchorages to the bodywork, but we don’t know if they are with or without Isofix to be able to install the child seats.

This was only the first installment of the trilogy, and we are already looking forward to see the other two installments.

I leave you the Youtube link to his video, as always a great video, with the technicalities of Fernando and the unconditional help of Marisa in front of the camera. Video in Spanish.

¡Salut y camping!

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