The vehicle

Maximum places to travel: 5Maximum number of sleeping places: 6Maximum seats at table: 5

This camper van is built on a Fiat Ducato 2.3 with a 6-speed manual gearbox and a choice of 140, 160 or 180 hp. An automatic transmission is available as an option.

In just 5.99 meters we can travel up to 5 people, approved for it, and sleep 6! An incredible capacity for such compact dimensions, only 2.05 metres wide and 2.88 metres high.

Font Vendome Terra Nova 5 plazas homologadas vista externa
Font Vendôme – Terra Nova (5 approved places)

For the journey

Surprisingly small in size, this camper has up to 5 travel seats, all of which are approved. Four seats face forward and a fifth one backwards.

There are 2 seats in the cab itself, the driver and co-driver seats are perfect for long journeys. Ergonomic seats with integrated headrests, adjustable armrests and patterned to match the rest of the seats in the cabin.

Font Vendome - Terra Nova 5 plazas homologadas asientos cabina
Ergonomic cab seats with armrests

In the dining area, we find the usual double bench that forms part of the dining area and gives us 2 more seats facing the march.

Finally, there is an individual armchair in front of the table and right next to the entrance door. It will give us an extra seat both in the dining area and for the journey. It is a seat facing the table that converts into a seat against the travel.

Font Vendome Terra Nova 5 plazas homologadas vista asientos
Rear seats, double bench and single seat against the rear

Dining area

Thanks to the swivel cabin seats, the double bench and the single seat at the end of the table, we have an ideal dining area for 5 diners. With a small extendable extension of the table, we will have more space and the 5 diners will be able to reach the table in a more comfortable way.

Font Vendome Terra Nova 5 plazas homologadas vista general
General view with close-up of the dining room

Sleeping area

In the Font Vendôme Terra van we have 3 double beds, yes you read that right, 3 double beds in a camper of only 5.99 metres. Thanks to its roof of 2.88 metres, which gives us a more than acceptable height, we can enjoy an electric tilting double bed. The measurements of this bed are 1.97 metres long by 1.32 metres wide.

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Electric tilting double bed

In the rear of the camper there is a double bed across the bed. To gain storage space, they have decided for us where we should sleep, because in the foot area there are high cupboards that fall quite low, preventing us from putting our head in that area. A great idea for that extra space but that ‘forces’ us to always have to sleep in the same direction without being able to decide depending on the camping conditions.

This bed has a mattress divided into 3 zones, so that the central area rises as if it were a door and leaves a central area free to carry bicycles or even a motorbike. By means of the anchorage located in the raised wardrobe, we can securely hold the raised bed base and mattress during the journey.

Large bed, 1.86 metres wide by 1.32 metres wide, with reading lights and a window in the headboard.

Font Vendome Terra Nova 5 plazas homologadas cama trasera
Rear cross bed of the Terra van 2021

Lastly, there is a transverse bed, which is obtained by transforming the dining room. This bed is ideal for 2 children or 1 adult, as it is only 1.14 metres wide. It is also the shortest of the 3 beds, only 1.83 metres. A good option for occasional visits, as with the 3 beds, the space for movement inside the Font Vendôme Terra van camper is reduced to the kitchen and bathroom, located opposite each other.

Font Vendome Terra Nova 5 plazas homologadas cama salon
Transverse bed in the dining room

The kitchen

It has a ‘wide’ kitchen, hob area with 2 burners with piezoelectric and 1 sink stainless steel sink. Both with a lid to increase the work surface when not in use, it also integrates a retractable shelf in the door area that will give us even more surface area. Extractor fan as standard.

Under the worktop there are 3 drawers, one of which is a pan drawer and a 110-litre compressor refrigerator.

View of the kitchen of the Terra Van camper
Terra Van kitchen drawers and fridge – Font Vendôme

The bathroom

We have a complete bathroom with washbasin, toilet, mirror, cupboard and shower. All very well integrated in a single space.

Both the washbasin and the toilet are retractable to leave free space for use or shower while not in use. Integrates a Thetford c223 WC with a removable 18 litre capacity tank. It has a window, sliding door and skylight.

Font Vendome Terra Nova 5 plazas homologadas WC
Font Vendôme Terra Nova – Vista del baño (WC)

Outer zone

Mounted in the roof there are up to 3 skylights, 2 of 40×40 and one of 28×28 in the bathroom. A mosquito screen on the entrance door as well as a light and an electric step for more comfort to climb.

Seitz double-glazed windows integrated in the bodywork, connection for an outside cold water shower, cupboard for two 6kg butane or propane cylinders.

Tanks and heating

This unit is fitted with a Truma D4 CP diesel heater-heater. It also incorporates two tanks of 100 litres each, one for waste water and the other for clean water.


We leave you a Youtube video from the friends of Caravaning Central, enjoy it!

You can find more information as well as the sales points on the manufacturer’s web site

¡Salut i Camping!

All images are taken from the Font Vendôme website.